Hello Students!



PrePrimary to Year 3 will be entertained by Peter Combe on THURSDAY 22 AUGUST. Details to follow.

JUNKADELIC will visit for workshops and performances in Term 4.


Click on your Year Level Page.

Forgotten the password? Contact me by clicking the CONTACT heading.


🎵Ms Gaunt

100 responses

  1. Hi Ms Guant ,
    Every time at home I go on the one big voice web site it won’t let me so I can’t practice the songs and I have checked my wifi but it is still not working
    Kind regards Reanne Fernandes

    1. Hi Reanne, sorry you’re not having much luck. I haven’t heard of any other problems with the website. Are you using the correct password?

  2. The password is ‘happy’ 🙂

  3. Heidi tierney | Reply

    Hi miss gaunt, it’s Heidi. I just found my old music monitor badge from year 4, and I was wandering if you would like me to help you sometimes? Tyanx

    Hi miss gaunt, I found my old music monitor badge from year 4, and I was wondering if I could help out sometime? Thanx a lot, Heidi Tierney, year 6

    1. Hi Heidi, that would be FAB

  4. Hi, what’s the password to home learning year 3?

    1. Hi Lily, the password is: sing

  5. Hello Miss Guant,

    How are you going? I miss you so much!

    1. Hi Lana, it’s lovely to hear from you. Keep making music!

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