Solfa Games:

Level 1 mi so: Coconut Chaos!

Level 2 mi so la: Melody Playback

Level 3 so mi do: Coconut Chaos1

Level 4 mi re do: Coconut Chaos!

Level 5 do re mi so: Melody Playback

Level 6 do re mi so la (Pentatonic scale): Coconut Chaos!

Staff Wars : A game for practising naming notes on the staff.

Freddie The Frog : Games for note recognition for Junior students.

JoyTunes Recorder Master : Practise your beginning recorder skills with this fun game.

Interactive Orchestra

Rhythm Trainer

New York Philharmonic Orchestra Games

Incredibox V1

Incredibox V2

Incredibox V3

A Guide to 100 Musical Instruments (thank you to Piper for this link!)

Sydney Opera House: 360 Degree Tour

12 responses

  1. how do you play

  2. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker | Reply

    Is Staff Wars based on Star Wars.

  3. Hi Miss Gaunt,
    On StaffWars I got up to level 2 and got 26


  4. kiyana schofield | Reply

    Miss Gaunt how do u get on to staff wars?

    1. Hi Kiyana,
      Click on the link – it will take you to
      Click on Staff Wars. You will need to download the game and save it to your computer.

  5. miss gaunt were is the recorder game

  6. Hi Miss Gaunt,
    Is STAFF WARS hard?

  7. gabriella fernandes | Reply

    this is some real fantastic games to play coz when i playied it i was real getting the hang of
    but real great games.

  8. great games

  9. hey miss gaunt wat is the best game

    1. Hi Ashlee,
      I like staff wars – it’s good for practising naming notes on the staff.
      I hope you’re having a good holiday.

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