Hello Students!


JUNKADELIC will visit for workshops and performances in Term 4.


Click on your Year Level Page.

Forgotten the password? Contact me by clicking the CONTACT heading.


🎵Ms Gaunt

100 responses

  1. Hi Miss Gaunt, Can you please suggest where can I buy a beginner’s flute for my daughter in Year 1? Any ideas?

    1. Search Zenithmusic.com
      Then go down to woodwind and then tap on flute

      1. Then it will give u some options

  2. hi Miss Gaunt i just wanted to let you know it was really nice having you at camp with us :]

    1. Thanks Kiyana! I enjoyed it too 🙂

      1. Michael Hadfeild

        WHAT MRS GAUNT WENT TO CAMP??????????

  3. hows your band going miss Gaunt

  4. I love this line

  5. Miss Gaunt is the sim practice on Wednesday mornings????

    1. Hi Baden,
      We don’t have an organised rehearsal on Wednesday mornings but I am always happy to listen to students play lesson material and help where I can at this time. I will be in the music room to listen to your playing from 8.15am.

    2. Hi Baden,
      You are welcome to have an extra practice in the music room on Wednesday mornings. Group practices are with choir but extra practice is encouraged!!!

  6. i love the police van band

  7. Miss gaunt what was that band called

    1. Miss gaunt what was that band called
      The police band

      1. The Western Australian Police Pipe Band 🙂

  8. Hi Miss Gaunt do u know the song power of love? I love it

  9. Hi Miss Gaunt when is the Anzac assembly is it on the last day of school

    1. Hi Kiyana, Yes it is on Friday 11 April.

  10. What was the song called where mrs Oliver was the actor

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