Hello Students!


JUNKADELIC will visit for workshops and performances in Term 4.

Click on your Year Level Page.

Forgotten the password? Contact me by clicking the CONTACT heading.

🎵Ms Gaunt

100 responses

  1. Hi Miss Gaunt is your music viedo on the internet if it is what do I write in google I would love to see it again

  2. Maya and kiyana | Reply

    Hi miss gaunt it is maya and kiyana how is your long weekend we are going to adventure world what are you doing ❤

  3. Hi miss Gaunt did anyone film the talent show last year because I would love to see it

    1. Hi Kiyana,

      Some students did film it but the footage was unusable (too shaky and impossible to watch). I’m so sorry. We will need to find some more experienced camera crew next time.

      The students in the talent show were outstanding and you and your team did a wonderful job of organising. HUGE thanks also to your family for supporting and donating the prizes for winning students.

    2. No problem

  4. hi miss gaunt thank you for teaching us every tuesday I will miss you!!! I’m moving next year to hammond park primary school!!!

    1. Hi Bernice,
      Thank you so much for your message! You will be missed at Success and your smile and your music will be missed in my classroom. Have a brilliant time at Hammond Park!
      Ms Gaunt

  5. Hi Miss Gaunt how are u holidays going.ps i hope u had a great christmas

    1. Hi Kiyana, my holidays are going well thanks! I hope you had a great Christmas and are having fun on your holidays.

  6. Ms Gaunt can you please put the up for the Christmas carols.
    Thank you
    Emily LC2.4

  7. Ms. Gaunt,
    This is regarding with my additional tickets order for the play on Nov, 8, 2013. My daughter ,Alyannah /LC. 2.2, forgot to give the payment. I still wanted to get the ticket but just for 1-child. I see to it that Alyannah will give the payment tomorrow.
    Joann Hapis

    1. Thanks Joann,
      Tickets are still available through the P&C. If Alyannah brings the payment in tomorrow then the tickets will be available for you at the door on the night.

      1. Thank you so much! :-))

  8. hi miss gaunt,do you know how i can get in the production
    if you do please tell me

    1. Hi Isabella,
      Thank you for your interest. The auditions for the production were way back in Term One and, although a few classes are also involved, there are no other opportunities to join the cast. There are only 6 weeks until the performance, but it would be great if you could come on the night and cheer loudly!

  9. thankyou, i think i just did not see it!!!!

  10. do you use this this website any more could you respond please thanks!

    1. Hi Isabella,
      Yes, sure do! The new Music Count Us In song for 2013 is out – it’s called Keep On.
      You can hear it at https://musicatsuccess.com/music-count-us-in-2/

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