Stephanie Watson is our IMSS Clarinet Teacher.

Mrs Erryn Booth is our IMSS Flute Teacher.

Success Primary School is included in the Department of Education’s instrumental music tuition scheme.  Year 4 students are  considered for tuition in Year 5 and 6.  This is a selective program and there are limited vacancies.

Many pleasures and benefits can flow from participation in instrumental music.  However, instrumental music skills do not bloom overnight!  They are built carefully and steadily over a number of years, and success in the program requires sustained commitment by both children and parents.

Students are given weekly lessons in small groups by a qualified teacher/musician employed through the Department of Education’s Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS).  There is no charge for tuition, which is conservatively valued at $1,500 per annum.  In order to make progress, daily home practice is also essential.  Parents have a vitally important and active role to play in encouraging their child to make this commitment.  As the child progresses, practice time will increase.  When ready, s/he will be expected to participate in an instrumental ensemble that rehearses out of school hours and undertakes performances in the school and community, often also out of school hours.

A district-wide meeting of the parents of children who receive an offer will be held.  Parents will be sent details from the school prior to this meeting and will have the opportunity to meet the instrumental music teachers and ask any questions they may have.  It will ensure that they fully understand both what is offered and the commitment that they and their child will be making before final acceptance.

For general information about the Department’s instrumental scheme and its operation, you can access the Instrumental Music School Services web-site.


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  1. Hi Miss Gaunt,
    Do you know when Mrs Stevenson will be back to teach our lessons?

    Thank you
    Emily Kellett-Lewis
    L.C 2.4

    1. Hi Emily,
      Mrs Stevenson is back this week!

  2. I like this

  3. Hi Miss Gaunt
    Do we still have Sim lessons in week 2 when we have naplan?

    Emily L.C2.4

    1. Hi Emily,
      Yes – NAPLAN won’t interfere with your lessons so they will still be on as normal.

  4. Where can u buy flutes????????????????????

  5. hi miss gaunt
    when school goes back could i please have the notes for advanced Australia fair so that i can practice them on my flute.

    thanks, Emily

    1. Hi Emily,
      Of course! I have a copy for you so please see me when school goes back 🙂

      1. Ok thankyou Miss Gaunt


  6. Hi Ms Gaunt, I just received the note regarding hiring an instrument and one part is confusing me.
    It is the part that says: Make:______________ Serial No:______________ and Model:_____________________
    Please explain.

    1. Hello Harshita,
      Please leave this section blank. It will be completed by your Instrumental Teacher when the details about your hire instrument are known. The form will then be copied and sent home with you – so your parents will have a copy for their records.

  7. Hi Harshita here, nice reasoning Reece!
    by the way it is the SIM program.
    I have got in and heard that barely anyone got a trumpet but it may be false so you may get in and really annoy your parents, I would like to hear that!

    Anyway ms gaunt can you please suggest a good flute brand and type I should get for my SIM education?

    Thanks , Harshita

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      As I don’t personally play flute or trumpet, I can’t recommend the best brand for you. I often send students to Crescendo Music in Myaree, as they are very helpful. You could also visit Tempest, as they have a hire-to-buy scheme. As for particular brand names, I suggest you asking your instrumental teacher for advice (I shall pass your query on to Mrs Stevenson, Harshita).
      Ms. G.

  8. Hi Reece here I have really wanted to do this program (or what you call it) so fingers crossed that I get in.

    P.s I really want the trumpet for 2 reasons: 1. For the fun of it. 2. To annoy my parents with the ANZAC wake up call.

    Thanks, Reece

  9. Wendy Armstrong | Reply

    Wow. What a fantastic site Miss Gaunt!!!
    I love it. Mrs Armstrong

  10. i think SIM is great for people who cant afford instemental lessons!

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