This is a recorder.

This is my recorder. It is a soprano just like yours, but made from wood.

The recorder is a popular instrument in schools because it is inexpensive, easy to play and…yes…it can sound beautiful!

We use these books in class. There’s an accompanying app – the lite version is used in class and to support home practice.

There are many sizes of recorder. We are learning to play the soprano recorder.

Recorder Chart

Interactive recorder chart – learn how to play those notes!

30 responses

  1. Hello Jack! It’s on the Recorder page under the Yellow Belt link. It’s the last video on that page.

  2. How do you get lessons? 🙂 :O

    1. I teach students from Year 3 upwards in music class. Students are offered placement in Recorder Band by invitation and attend lunchtime rehearsals from Year 4 onwards.

  3. I… My mom says that there is certain websites for recorders. Do you guys know it?

  4. I am going onto on my I-pad and going onto the one I want to do but it keeps going blue.What do I do? Can you please help me?

      1. Michael Hadfeild

        You probably need adobe flash player cause I’m on iPad and I do but it costs money and I can’t get it either! 😭 😦

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