This is a recorder.

This is my recorder. It is a soprano just like yours, but made from wood.

The recorder is a popular instrument in schools because it is inexpensive, easy to play and…yes…it can sound beautiful!

We use these books in class. There’s an accompanying app – I haven’t used it and would like some feedback if you give it a try. Please note that new apps are required for each belt and there are several belts in each book.

Visit and enjoy playing online games with your recorder.

There are many sizes of recorder. We are learning to play the soprano recorder.

Recorder Chart

Interactive recorder chart – learn how to play those notes!

30 responses

  1. Hey Miss Gaunt can you put your recorder chart on the website please.

  2. I need help with the recorder.

    1. Don’t worry, it takes time to learn to play any instrument! It’s only been a few weeks since you started playing. You’ll get there.

  3. hi miss Gaunt next week for music do we bring in our hats to practise the hat dance
    next tuesday

    1. Hi Tahliya,
      Yes, bring it in on Tuesday! The assembly is next Wednesday so it could even stay at school ready for the event.

  4. Hi Miss Gaunt,
    Are the year 5-6 classes (Mr Leslie & Miss Said) going to be learning recorder this year?
    And also i’m teaching Cameron haow to play the recorder and i was wondering if the Officeworks recorders were good and if so how much are they.


    1. Hi Emily,
      That’s great that you’re teaching Cameron! Many students have the Officeworks recorders and they are fine. I believe they are around $10.
      This term the Year 5/6s will be learning taiko drumming.

  5. Miss Gaunt I’m teaching my younger cousin the recorder!!!!

  6. Miss Gaunt can you please tell me where you got the microphone from

    1. I got it from BIG W. Miss Gaunt

      1. Hi Brendon,
        My microphone cost around $10 and came from JB Hi Fi.

      2. Hi Brendon,
        My microphone cost around $10 and came from JB HiFi.

    2. Hi Brendon,
      My microphone cost around $10 and came from JB HiFi.

  7. Hi miss Gaunt I have gone on and I get on to it and I pick the one you wont me to do and then it goes blue and nothing happens and I am using my iPad so can you please try and help me.

    1. Hi Taliya,
      Sorry you had troubles!
      It looks like you may have fixed the problem as I can see you have logged onto joytunes.
      If not, it may be because you don’t have Flash player installed on your iPad.
      Please let me know how you go.

      1. It’s fine now miss gaunt thanks

  8. hi miss gaunt thanks for letting us play recorder its has been inspirational and really fun

  9. Kiyana Schofield | Reply

    Recorder is cool

    1. yeah but I need help

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